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Marlette has been manufacturing top quality, energy efficient, very affordable homes for over 40 years. Homeowners can take pride in their manufactured home as Marlette focuses on modern designs and quality craftsmanship. Each customer’s lifestyle is taken into account during the entire building process, and Marlette homeowners are encouraged to personalize floor plans and décor options to suit their individual desires. At Marlette, our reputation is based on customer satisfaction. Please contact us for up to date prices on any model you are interested in.

Marlette Pride means American value with higher quality standards, materials and a high caliber Customer Service Staff to ensure complete Customer Satisfaction. The Marlette Pride Homeowner Warranty Provides Simultaneous Coverage in two ways – One Year and Five Years. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. On either part of our Warranty. You don’t pay a penny for anything that’s covered. This coverage is in effect from the date you home is ready for occupancy at the original site it is placed or, if applicable, on the date the Placement Certificate is signed by you. We want you to be happy and experience complete satisfaction in your new Marlette Home.


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